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Perfect Your Smile With Dentures from Hickman Family Dental

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, living your daily life can be a hassle. We need our teeth to smile, speak and eat with confidence. Thankfully, Urbandale, IA dentists, Drs. Krehbiel and Erickson offer professional, custom dentures to bring you back to a perfect smile.

Our restorative dentists have decades of combined experience in restorative and family dentistry to provide Urbandale patients the dental care they need and deserve. Their goal is to make their denture patients look amazing and feel great! Every denture patient is different and unique. That’s why our dentures are custom-made with your oral health in mind!

Our Denture Options

At Hickman Family Dental, we offer four different denture options.

Immediate Dentures

One version of a complete denture is called an immediate denture. An immediate denture is a complete denture that is placed at the same time as your last remaining tooth is removed. This tooth replacement option allows you to instantly have a full set of teeth and walk out of the office wearing your new denture.

Implant Retained Dentures

Instead of resting on your gums, implant-supported dentures will clip or snap onto dental implants, remaining securely in place until they are removed for cleaning. You will love having teeth that feel strong and stable for many years to come. Furthermore, his treatment is a very cost-effective way to restore your ability to eat and talk comfortably and confidently. Often, we will only need to use two or four dental implants to hold a lower denture in place.

Fixed Implant Dentures

A fixed implant denture is a lifelike set of false teeth — complete with prosthetic gum tissue — that stays in your mouth at all times. It is securely and comfortably anchored by several dental implants that become an integral part of your jawbone once inserted during a minor surgical procedure done in the dental office.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a tooth replacement appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth. It is held on by ‘clipping’ onto some of your existing natural teeth or crowns. They are two types of partial dentures- conventional and precision. 

Conventional dentures are the most popular form of dentures. They are more affordable and can last for several years, however, their material is prone to discoloration. Precision dentures are often considered to be more comfortable than standard dentures and last longer. Precision dentures can last between five to eight years if cared for properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Your Smile Shine at Hickman Family Dental

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